Dear young people (Junior, Intermediates and Senior), carers/parents/guardians and members of the community,

You might be aware some of the services the Council provides to young people have been undergoing a consultation.

The consultation is around the possible closure of the Youth Service which could result in the possible closure of Hogarth youth centre.

The Council have started a public consultation and this will be held at Hogarth youth centre on Monday 16th Jan 2017 at 6.30pm-7.30pm.

This is where you can voice your opinion and have your say on the decisions being made about the services such as junior club, Intermediates and senior club; as well as the centre and services across the borough.

This is a very important and we hope you will attend the consultation to share your views and support the centre. For more information please see attached part of the consultation review.


You can find the full review on:

where there is also a questionnaire.



October Half Term.


Duke of Edinburgh Silver- 14-25 year old – Young people from Hogarth Youth Centre will be completing their silver expedition in New Forest. They will put their map reading and camp craft skills to the test.

Multi Sports- 8-13 year old– Come along and join our Multi Sports. It is a great way to keep fit and engage in a wide variety of sports. It also helps young people build sportsmanship, is a great way to make new friends and have lots of fun.

Music Production (Zest 4 Life preparation) (Mon and Wed 11-19 year old) and (Thurs- All ages welcome) – Unleash your creativity and develop a variety of music production and life skills. Use our studio to create your own beats, produce your own tracks and write your own songs.

Cooking- 11-19 year old – You will learn how to prepare delicious healthy dishes using healthy ingredients. Not only do you cook a healthy meal but you can get accredited as well.

Ten Pin Bowling Trip- 8-11 year old (Booking Only)-Young people attending this trip will be able to compete against others in a healthy competitive game. Bowling has lots of health benefits such as improve social life, can be enjoyed at any age, muscle toning and strengthening. Be bowled over with our Tenpin Bowling trip.

Oxygen Trip- 11-16 year old (Booking Only)- Oxygen is more than just a trampoline park. Explore different zones and take your skills to the next level. Active fun!

Intermediates Club – Intermediates club is for young people in Years 7, 8 and 9. Intermediates club is on Wednesdays and starts at 5pm until 7pm. All Intermediates members are welcome to stay and attend Senior Club which starts at 7pm. Intermediates Club offers a wide range of activities including: Pool, Football, Music, Arts and Crafts, Table-tennis, Badminton, Wii, Basketball, Tag Rugby, Dodgeball, ICT,

Young Leaders Training – Come and take part in Virtual College training in food Hygiene, Safeguarding and fire training. You will receive a certificate; as well as gain knowledge in different skills which you can add to your C.V and university applications.

Compare Training – Gain confidence and public speaking skills with our compare trainer. You could get the chance to use these skills in the annual spoken word competition ‘Zest 4 Life’ held at Hogarth youth centre.

Drama – Take part in a MouseTrap drama workshop with other young people. Gain knowledge and skills from the MouseTrap actor and learn about future programmes in the performing arts world.

Senior Club – Senior Club offers young people a safe environment to come and make new friends as well increase their social skills. We help young people to build up their confidence, by encouraging them to challenge themselves as well as giving them the opportunity to experience new things. Senior Club provides a wide range of activities for young people to participate in such as various sports activities, arts and crafts, multimedia workshops, cooking, music production, dance and accredited activities; as well as an opportunity to relax.

Zest 4 Life – Zest 4 Life is a yearly spoken word talent competition which attracts over 100 people from the community. Performances range from; Dance; Singing; Rap; Poetry; Bands and more. This one night event brings together the young people’s classes, workshops and hard work into an extraordinary night of performances and celebration of young people’s talent. The event is free and food and drink are provided. The winners get a trophy and £20 Westfield’s voucher and runner up all get medals.


From the A4 to Africa

Young people from Hogarth Youth Centre have partnered with local charity, ERASE Foundation, to support a school in Gambia.

Upon discovering that ERASE supports a nursery, orphanage, school and community centre in Gambia the young people made a pledge to fund a teacher’s wage for a year. By giving up their Saturday mornings to run a charity car wash, a ‘onesie day’, cupcake sales and collecting money at community events held at the youth centre the young people were able to raise more than £600 over a number of months which was match-funded by the trustees of the Hogarth Charitable Trust; more than enough to complete their pledge.

Denny Anthony, Senior Youth Worker at Hogarth Youth Centre commented “this has really been a fantastic experience for all those involved. The young peoples’ motivation and work ethic has been a real inspiration to all whilst the project itself has been a success with young people learning key skills for life and an appreciation of the opportunities they have”.

For more information regarding Hogarth Youth Centre/Hogarth Charitable Trust or ERASE (Ending Reliance And Supporting Empowerment) Foundation and the work they do, please visit: