About Us

Hogarth Youth and Community Centre is a vibrant hub for the community in the heart of Chiswick. The Centre offers sessions and services for the whole family, from Mother and baby/toddler sessions, kids youth clubs, children and adult karate classes, a club for senior citizens plus lots more.

Hogarth Youth Centre provides a range of youth programmes for young people aged 8-21. This includes Junior Club for 8 – 11 year olds, Intermediates Club for young people in Years 7, 8 and 9 and Senior Youth Club for 11-21 year olds. Activities include: Cooking Workshops, Table-Tennis, Dodgeball, DJ and Mixing Workshops, Football, Media Room, Dance, Table-Football, Arts and Crafts, Basketball, Information, Advice and Guidance, Dodgeball, Badminton, Music Studio, Tag-Rugby, Boardgames, Pool, Volleyball and More. Hogarth also provides a warm environment  to chill out with friends in a relaxed and safe manner. It also provides holiday programmes, trips and other opportunities for young people.

Hogarth Youth and Community Centre is overseen by Hogarth Charitable Trust a registered charity set up for the young people of Chiswick and surrounding areas.



Youth Officer Statement:

Hogarth Youth Centre is a small charity based in Chiswick, we currently work with young people from a broad spectrum. The youth project is considered to be inclusive and we pride ourselves on that, as we work with young people from all different backgrounds. We consider diversity to be one of the core values of the charity and it’s approach to working with young people, this runs through the organisation from the staff to the trustees who have an overarching strategic approach to the centre. The trustees, staff, volunteers and young leaders promote diversity and are inclusive in the services and the work they deliver

Denny Anthony


Trustees Statement:

The 300 or more young people in our community who regularly attend the Hogarth’s Youth Program are the Charity’s single most important stakeholder. The Charity exists to serve them at a critical time in their personal development, as best it can and for as long as it can. Put simply, our young people come first.

Hogarth Charitable Trust not only represents the young people and their passion, but we replicate it in our own ethos and practice. We put the young people at the forefront of our work and their passion and commitment drives the Trust. The Trustees are deeply committed to youth work in terms of  informal education, life skills, and youth equality. 

Those who attend the youth program come from very diverse backgrounds, but they all prize access to a safe and secure place outside of school and home. They are equally united in their determination to make a better future for themselves via an informal education which builds not only key life skills, but also nurtures lasting friendships. By helping themselves and each other, they are best placed to enter adulthood as fully participating citizens, either transiting directly into the job market or higher education.

The Board of Trustees works alongside the Youth Team to ensure that it is appropriately resourced and the program which the Team designs is as rich and as varied as possible. Feedback from the young people helps to tailor the program in any given year. Key deliverables are agreed at the start of each year and then monitored monthly.

Trustees recognise that there is always more that can be done to build the program and broaden its appeal. We are determined to secure multiple long term funding sources to support sustainable program development. By forging partnerships with local residents and businesses the important social contract with our community is strengthened.