Below are some testimonials from young people and centre users. Hear what they have to say about the Centre & youth programme.

Letter from Rockinghorse

"Thank you so much for the wonderful donation of £150 recently sent to us from the Hogarth Trust. We really appreciate your support and are very grateful to all the young people taking part in charity sporting events to raise money. It means a lot.

I am really pleased to let you know that your donation will go towards a range of mental wellbeing projects for children and young people living with medical conditions and struggling with their mental health.

We all know the impact that our mental health can have on our everyday lives, especially after the problems we have all experienced during the last couple of years. But imagine if you’re a young person trying your best to manage a chronic health condition, then being further challenged by having to isolate, moving you even further away from any kind of normal life. This disruption causes stress, anxiety and isolation, for both children and their parents, which in turn leads to them being less able to manage their condition and in some cases even making it worse.

So, we are funding a range of projects for these families aimed at reducing stress, feeling more connected to their peers, building resilience and improving their overall mental health and wellbeing. These projects include trauma informed yoga classes, forest school sessions, creative and sensory equipment, self-help books and sea swimming courses. All of these aim to help children feel better able to manage their medical conditions, normalise their experiences, feel less anxious but above all, have some fun!

Thank you once again."

Sharon Gearing
Trust Fundraising Manager

Tyra Mills
A Young Leaders Story

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